Chester purchase leading towards family involvement

2019 is over racing wise but it isn’t over for many who begin plans for 2020

One of those is reigning champion Phil Chester who has announced he has agreed to purchase the vehicle used to win the 2019 Modern 1 class, Sean Herlihy’s MG F.

The purchase is part of a plan to get his daughters involved in motorsport at a heartland level having spent the last few years with Go Karts, “The girls have been karting and that’s been great to get them to learn what its all about and they have improved significantly but ultimately I would love to be able to go racing with them in some capacity in the future” commented Chester.  “It is a great entry level car, this is proven not only by the two previous owners who joined in the car but also it’s relative to the karts the girls have been in, it’s fairly cheap and reliable to run so it is a no brainer”.

Phil’s purchase is off the back of deciding to change direction with their entry to motorsport, “we did karting, and it’s been great, I then decided to build them a Hyundai Excel so we could do some track days and get them experience in a car and changing gears. We did a couple of track days at Winton and I had plans to get them involved in the Excel series however I also want to go racing with them and I do believe MG Racing has such a good culture and the people look out for each other that if we are both on track I know the rest of the series will look after her”.

The purchase of the MG F comes on the back of a two year campaign by Sean Herlihy which has seen a 2nd and 1st in class over the two years and prior to that the car was built by Cody Hill in Adelaide for use in the MG F Trophy.  The car is getting a small update prior to hand over but Chester is already planning some outings, “I am planning to get a few days under the belt, I might have a drive as well but will see how things go, ironically I drove it at Sandown in 2016 so maybe this was always supposed to be”.

There are no current plans for a debut but Chester confirmed it when not if, “we did a day in the Excel this week, so we will get some experience in the F and see where we end up, it would be great to get the car on track in 2020!”