Howelly wants more power

Andrew Howell has spent the last 5 years campaigning the ex works MG Sport & Racing MG ZR Judd.  A very unique car that incorporates everything known at the time.

Not content with just 4 cylinders Howell has been putting together an attack not just to compete, but to take the top spot and his second championship.

Rumours are abounds about his new vehicle, believed to be a late model MG with a V8 engine with enough grunt to take on Phil Chester at the front.  Andrew is a bit coy about the whole thing “im not interested in games, I want to win.  So I want to be at the front and push Phil and what im putting together on paper should do this.  It’s weakest link is me…”

Howell hopes he can debut the car later in 2017, “I wanted it done earlier but there have been lots of road blocks, now im aiming for late this year, Sandown Historic hopefully which would be great for the series to have a car debut there”

Bring it on!