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The ultimate MG competition experience must surely be MG racing.  MG owners have a unique opportunity to compete for the MG Road Racing Championship at various race circuits around Australia.

MG Racers are a diverse breed. Our youngest competitors have been in their teens and our oldest in his seventies. Some competitors build and maintain their own cars, while others barely know how to hold a spanner. We have however, a common bond – our passion for MG Racing.

DSC_0583            History of MG Racing

This bond results in a high level of co-operation between drivers – both on and off the track. If someone has a problem there is usually a queue of fellow MG enthusiasts offering help, advice and spares.

MG Racing has been part of the Victorian State Racing Championship, now known as the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship, since the mid 1980’s when a group of MGCC members approached CAMS to request our own MG-only grids at the State Race Series. CAMS along with the promoters of the time agreed to give us a chance and the rest is history. Each year since then, we all still enjoy the opportunity to race with our mates in a safe and enjoyable environment where the most important aspect of the racing is to have fun at high speed in the close company of our fellow MG racers.

In recent years MG Racing has extended an invitation to drivers of British Sports Cars that evoke the spirit of MG’s to compete in the MG Racing series for their own trophy. Since introducing these invitations Triumphs, Lotuses, and Austin Healy’s have all competed in the series.

MG Racing conducts an annual championship, within the VSCRC, conducted by CAMS and the VMRC, conducted by AASA. The Championship and its points score system is such that any car or driver can win MG Racing’s premier trophy, the MG Road Racing Championship Trophy.

Most importantly, MG Racing provides spirited competition on the race track between a group of dedicated enthusiasts who have great respect for each other and their cars. We represent the MG motto of “Safety Fast” … we also passionately believe that racing improves the breed.

If you want to become an MG Racer, perhaps the best way to get involved is to attend a few race meetings, wander around the pits, introduce yourself and ask questions of MG Racers (have a look at coming events for a list of forthcoming MG Races). Like most MG owners, unless they are frantically preparing a car for the next race, they would be more than happy to talk about themselves and their cars.

For most of us there is a narrow window of opportunity to go racing: be bold, you owe it to yourself to get on the track and experience the adrenalin rush!


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