Successful debut for Brock MG 6

MG Motor and James Brock had a successful debut in MG Racing at the picturesque Phillip Island.

The car was finished at about 2am Saturday morning before being transported down to Phillip Island for a 10am qualifying session. “We weren’t initially planning on this weekend but we put the hours in and we are here so it’s a great testing session for us” Brock commented.

Paul Vernall captain of MG Racing commented it was an exciting development “it’s a new generation of MG’s, we have a number of MG/Leyland era cars, of late a number of MG Rover era cars, now we can add a genuine new generation SAIC owned MG Motor car to our series.  We have the very first of the generation in Vince’s TF LE500 which utilised much of the MG Rover era componentry, but this is the first all new car and it’s a great partnership we hope will grow and the start of the next generation”. For MG Racing it bring an identity that is the next generation of competitors as well, “young people, under 25’s don’t see MG the way we do so this appeals to them, a 4 door saloon or hatch with a relatively potent 1.8 litre Turbo… its what you get in every marque these days” Vernall commented.

MG Motor saw some good feedback from aligning with the series, “the interest has been exciting and we have a bit of interest in our new MG ZS here this weekend as well” commented the media team in attendance.  Brock went on to have a few teething issues like any car but overall was excited but its progress, “look its not an outright contender and it has been built to a set of rules (production cars) but so far we are .3 of a second under the fastest lap from the round in 2017 here so that’s encouraging. The series has been great, warm and inviting and the racing is good, its not aggressive and its been a lot of fun”. 

The experience should see them return later in 2018, “we have the calendar and will try to fit where we can, priority this year is the APC but this has been great” Brock commented.

The car was in the mix with a number of MG B’s and F’s during the weekend and considering it will probably only get quicker it’s a great step forward.

James Brock leading Dunford’s GT V8, Rose and Mohacsi