Trevor Dunford commences ZT V8 build version 2

Trevor Dunford is the new saying for never give up; Trevor has campaigned his genuine B GT V8 for the last three seasons and in 2019 commenced the build of an MG ZT V8 to move himself up the order a bit.  Only mother nature had different plans and took the project from him in the middle of bushfire season in Australia.

For most of us that is enough to give up on building a race car from scratch, however Trevor has now started the build of MG ZT V8 Version 2, with the recent purchase of two MG ZT’s.  The first one a donor car, a genuine RHD MG ZT V8 and the latter a damaged ZT V6 which is being used for parts, largely bodywork.  The project is hoped to take 12 months and have the car on track during the 2021 season.

Dunford expressed his desire to try again and continue racing in MG’s, “it’s a great category ,I have run other categories and there isn’t the camaraderie and fun that is had here and I want to be in it for the foreseeable future”

An engine has already been sourced, a 4.6 SVT Ford Performance engine and the car will be built towards Open 2 regulation’s