We are going racing again with Speed @ Sandown event!

It’s been a long mid season break, the opening round of 2020 our only event this year back in February.

COVID-19 has put a hold on the world while we have focused on planning for any events late in 2020 and starting planning for 2021! In some great news the MGCC have announced their intention to run an event November 7 and 8 at Sandown Raceway and David Vernall takes us through the steps that brought it to a head.

“Obviously our working group are involved in the VHRR Sandown event, when the VHRR cancelled the 2020 edition we looked as a club to secure that date in the hope the COVID-19 restrictions may ease, as time has gone on we have worked very closely with Motorsport Australia, MRC and the MGCC and with the nessasary approval from Motorsport Australia, clear guidelines from the MRC and the MGCC interest in getting grass roots motorsport back on track we are pleased to (subject to the next step of restrictions) be ready to run an event on the same weekend in November” commented David Vernall.

Entries are going to open mid week of the 5th on Motorsport Entry on MA website, and just 6x categories will be in attendance in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are inviting categories that have positively supported the MGCC, but also those who we know do not have as many options to run and are seeking events late in 2020.  We will work closely with MA, MRC and each category to provide value for money and a great weekend however there will be some clear challenges like attendance, it will be spectator free and pit crew will be limited, currently likely to be a single person in addition to the driver” Vernall commented.

MG Racing are actively pushing to support this event, Phil Chester commented he is really excited to see this event come to light, “this is great work by the MGCC, two or three weeks ago we wrote 2020 off but the MGCC have done a great job to have plans in place to get racing at Sandown back on, we cant wait to get back on track finally after 8 months”.

Entries will be open mid week and more communication will come in due course.